Some Things That Happened This Week



1. I have been sewing my map collage on the bus. Very pleased so far. Nobody asked me about it.


2. Finally took my ‘Uniforms’ piece to the framers. I am very excited about this. It is going to cost £200. I have paid £100 so far. The framer referred to me as ‘the young lady’. I am very excited about this.



3. I ditched my old phone and bought a new one. A smart one, apparently.




4. I finished ‘The Glass Castle’ by Jeanette Walls. A good friend gave it to me ages ago. Would thoroughly recommend it. If you think you would enjoy it, give me a shout and I will post it to you. Don’t be shy.

5. I have continued to add a new card to my shop, every day, for my ‘Mad March Sale’

Hope you have had a good week,

Alison x

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18 thoughts on “Some Things That Happened This Week

  1. Disappointing that no one asked you about your sewing. The few times I’ve knitted on a bus I’ve had someone ask me what I’m making. I like the way it seems to be an excuse to bypass the usual rules for interacting with others on public transport.

  2. The map looks fascinating – I’m surprised no one asked you about it. What kind of frame are you having made for the uniforms? (I stubbornly cling to my cheapo Nokia…it’s only a matter of time).

    • I think people are a bit nervous to ask.
      Just a simple wooden frame.
      Yes, I’m not a phone lover, I was the last person I know of to get one. I felt like an irresponsible parent not having one. My old one was broken, I got 3 birthday texts a week after my birthday! That said – the idea that I can listen to radio podcasts on the way to work is really appealing – just need to figure it out. I got it at Tesco’s, they were very helpful.

  3. I love reading your blogs Alison! I would definitely be asking you about the map if I was on the bus :)
    If you want to swap the book for a Grannie brooch I would be more than happy :)

  4. The Map is going to be AMAZING!!!!! You do live in Britain after all. Why should people ask?

    A new phone. A smart phone? Welcome to the 21st century lovely ‘young lady’.

    £200 for a simple wooden frame. That steep BUT your piece is incredible and deserves the best to show it in all its glory. Love it!

    • Thanks Tina.
      I got 4 quotes, and this was the cheapest by a long way. The next cheapest was £270. I hope they’re doing a good job. It will be ready in a week or so.
      I am REALLY enjoying the phone.

    • Thank you. Yes, I’ve got a lot of pieces like this on the go, I intend to do a post about it when I get the chance. Each of those little squares is 1.5cms. Have a good weekend.

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