1. Percy Drake Brookshaw, 1963 Birthday Postcards



Kingsway English, Junior Series Book 1 by J.C. Gagg, with drawings by Drake Brookshaw. Published by Evans Brothers Limited, London 1953. This edition published in 1963.

Numbers: 246 – 248 and 302 – 338

One day last week I had a day of uninterrupted bliss, in the house on my own. When I say ‘day’, what I mean is ‘between school drop-off and pick-up’, but it was bliss, nevertheless. You take what you can get.

Anyway, I made these three first birthday postcards.

As usual, they are made from cereal boxes.

The blue card around the numbers, literally came from a bin. I actually took it from the bin (and not the ‘recycle’ one, either) myself. It was left over from something someone had been making at work, not sure what.

The blue fabric with the small floral print, from which I cut the numbers, was a dress belonging to my daughter. She’d be four or five, I guess. I’m smiling as I look at it. She was so cute in it. I can’t remember buying it, but the chances are it came from a charity shop, since most of our clothes do.

Now the book I used. I’m not certain about this, because the pages were not attached to the cover. When I acquire something now, I document it straight away, or that is my aim. However, when the children were younger, I just threw stuff in a pile, perhaps making a note on a scrap of paper. So although I am 99.9% certain that the postcards are made from the above mentioned book, I’m not 100% certain (see P.S. below). I found the cover of  said book with the details attached by paperclip, written buy me in messy haste. The pages certainly look like they once belonged to the cover.

Plus, the illustrations certainly look like they are the work of the great Percy Drake Brookshaw. Very little is known about Drake Brookshaw, but his style is very recognisable, and I know that he did illustrate a lot of academic children’s books. He was born in Southwark, London in 1907 (the year our old house in Hither Green was built, I like thinking about that kind of thing), and died in 1993. If you think you don’t know him, you do. He designed a lot of those iconic posters for London Transport between 1928-1958. He also taught at Goldsmiths’ (my old stomping ground) for quite a while. I found him in the prospectus for 1947/48. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the directions to New Cross by tram or omnibus.

Anyway, the evidence is quite great, so I decided to put them in my shop anyway.

Hope you are warm, and have a great weekend,

Alison x

P.S. I can now confirm that it is the book I thought it was! These illustrations are indeed by Drake Brookshaw, I found some more pages from the book last week (10th December, 2013).






6 thoughts on “1. Percy Drake Brookshaw, 1963 Birthday Postcards

  1. Lovely post – PDB’s name passed me by completely, but I’m going to research him now – it’s funny how certain images form the background of your life and you don’t think about where they’ve come from. Beautiful cards again!

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