14. Punkish ‘Love You’ Card – Sandown, 1968



W. J. Nigh & Sons. Copyright, Ventnor and Shanklin. P81271.

Number: 378

This is one of my favourites. When I look at the deck-chair couple, I smile.

The picture shows The Battery Gardens, Sandown, Isle of Wight. Showing the bay with Culver cliffs.

I have never been to The Isle of Wight, but when I think of it, two people come to mind. Billy Connolly and Aine’s John.

Billy Connolly was in that film where he had a thing for Queen Victoria (aka Dame Judy,) with Isle of Wight connections. Mr. Brown. He was good in it. We saw him in the street once, on Skye.

My friend Aine has travelled the world with her husband, John. Wherever they go, it is never as good as The Isle of Wight, according to John.

Anyway, the postcard was posted to Sue in Southend in 1968, by Linda and Janet. This is what they said:

Dear Sue, The weather here in Sandown is rather chilly (?) but went on the beach yesterday. Today we went to Carisbrooke Castle and saw the donkey at the well house. Yesterday we took a bus to Shanklin and walked back along the cliff. My poor feet. Love, Linda and Janet.

Forty-five years later, the postcard found its way to me. I have added the words ‘Love You’, which were cut from old magazines and leaflets.

As usual, it is totally unique and super eco-friendly.

I have used a 1941 Ordnance Survey map of Hexham for the envelope. Someone, has violated it with a pink marker pen. The envelope is more like a wallet, though, as I have no intention of making it seal with glue or stickers. It’s 73 years old. No stickers.

The envelope and card have a combined age of 118 years!

It is a recent addition to my shop.

Have a great weekend,

Alison x


14 thoughts on “14. Punkish ‘Love You’ Card – Sandown, 1968

  1. The donkey (probably not the same one) still pulls the well bucket. Isle of Wight – despite being 20 years behind the rest of the UK – is indeed a lovely place. Ticket to Ride/Ryde and all that….

  2. Absolutely love these Alison! I’m always collecting old postcards, just love the stories in them. Great to see how you’re giving them a whole new life!

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