Mad March Sale – John Burningham Again


‘Where’s Julius?’ by John Burningham. Red Fox, 1995.

John Burningham writes and illustrates the most captivating books. He has over sixty under his belt, the first of which was published more than fifty years ago. Not a dud amongst them. He works hard to get his books right, he knows they have to be good.

“It is terribly important what children have to read.” He says, ” I fear for this generation, I know there are tremendous benefits we get from technology, but just staring at a screen worries me somewhat. It has to be cool to read a book”.

‘Where’s Julius?’ is all about Julius’s dad trying to deliver a meal to the adventurous Julius. I remember reading this particular copy to one of my classes. They kept asking for it over and over again. I can still see their little faces laughing as I read. So, when it was time for ‘Where’s Julius?’ to go to that giant library in the sky, I just had to bring it home with me. It had given many classes before mine lots of pleasure, and was absolutely knackered.

John Burningham is the UK nominee for the 2014 Hans Christian Andersen Award, the highest recognition available to creators of children’s books. The results will be announced later this month, 24th to be precise. The award is given every two years, and he has reached the final in the past. The jury summed up his work perfectly, “John Burningham from the UK, uses delicate irony mixed with innocence and high seriousness that, with his use of line and colour, creates an intimacy with the reader.”

The card above shows Julius on top of a mountain, whilst a nearby goat eats his food. The card below, which is already sold and on its way to New Zealand,  shows a little church.

If you have been following my March Sale stuff, you will know the rest…

This month I am making a determined attempt to get some of the ‘old stock’ from under my bed, and into the sale section of my shop. These are cards I made years ago, onto which my former contact details have been written. I will put a new card into my shop each day, for the whole month. Each will cost £2.50, less than half the price of my current cards. They are totally unique and come with a sewn upcycled envelope.

Although it will only scratch the surface, I aim to try and post (however briefly) every day in March.

As usual, this card is made from a cereal box and is super eco-friendly, as everything used was rescued from the bin.

See you tomorrow,

Alison x


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