Mad March Sale – Martin Aitchison, Teatime


3a Things We Like by W.Murray. Illustrated by Martin Aitchison. Published sometime in the Seventies by Ladybird Books.

Martin Aitchison was born in 1919. He went to Birmingham School of Art, followed by The Slade.

Deafness prevented him from active service during the war. Instead he worked as an illustrator at Vickers, where he supported new developments including the ‘bouncing bomb’ for Barnes Wallace.

After the war he worked for various advertising agencies and newspapers, and in 1953 began a ten year stint at ‘Eagle’ and ‘Swift’ comics.

After The Eagle’s demise in 1963, Martin worked for Ladybird for over twenty years, illustrating nearly one hundred books.

This card shows a thoroughly British teatime scene, which I think will make a nice Mother’s Day card. I have also included (below) an image of the Sixties’ version of the same book. This time the illustration is by Harry Wingfield, I think, I cannot be totally certain as I no longer have the card (and didn’t keep notes in those days). If it’s not Harry Wingfield (and I’m pretty certain it is), it’ll be John Berry.

Since posting this five hours ago, I have found the card below. I wasn’t even looking for it, I thought I’d sold/sent it. Turns out the illustrator is John Berry.

If you have been following my March Sale stuff, you will know the rest…

This month I am making a determined attempt to get some of the ‘old stock’ from under my bed, and into the sale section of my shop. These are cards I made years ago, onto which my former contact details have been written. I will put a new card into my shop each day, for the whole month. Each will cost £2.50, less than half the price of my current cards. They are totally unique and come with a sewn upcycled envelope.

Although it will only scratch the surface, I aim to try and post (however briefly) every day for whole month.

As usual, this card is made from a cereal box and is super eco-friendly, as everything used was rescued from the bin.

Happy International Happiness Day!

See you tomorrow,

Alison x

Upcyclist 346

7 thoughts on “Mad March Sale – Martin Aitchison, Teatime

  1. These images are such classics – that illustration style was always there in the background during my childhood – it’s difficult to imagine them being created by a living, breathing person. Happy International Happiness Day to you too, Alison!

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