Mad March Sale – Final Day


3a Things We Like by W. Murray. Illustrated by John Berry. Published by Ladybird in the Sixties.

Well, I have added a new card to my shop every day in March, as I intended, although I didn’t manage to post every day. So today is the last day of March, and that is that. I will, however, keep the ‘Mad March Sale’ section of my shop open during the first two weeks of April. I will not be adding anything new, though.

Above, is today’s addition. It is Peter and Jane. The illustration is by John Berry.

If you have been following my March Sale stuff, you will know the rest…

This month I am making a determined attempt to get some of the ‘old stock’ from under my bed, and into the sale section of my shop. These are cards I made years ago, onto which my former contact details have been written. I will put a new card into my shop each day, for the whole month. Each will cost £2.50, less than half the price of my current cards. They are totally unique and come with a sewn upcycled envelope.

Although it will only scratch the surface, I aim to try and post (however briefly) every day for whole month.

As usual, the above card is made from a cereal box and is super eco-friendly, as everything used was rescued from the bin.

Have a great week,

Alison x

4 thoughts on “Mad March Sale – Final Day

    • Hehe!
      I’ve just had my 100th sale on Folksy, so some time in April I’m going to do a giveaway – a regular one, like normal people do – nothing to do with sweet wrappers and golf!
      You must enter 🙂

  1. Wow, congratulations… I’m glad I have contributed to the 100 sales:-)
    Do you think I can open a shop with your cards? Soon I’ll have enough stock!

    Well done onyour Mad march Sale and sticking with it. X

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