1. Ordnance Survey Sheet 99, Pembroke and Tenby, 1940


I am working on a collage, using an old Ordnance Survey map as a base.

The map is seventy-four years old, and is falling to bits. Initially, my only aim was to sew it back together. I patched a little hole with a picture, liked how it looked, so continued patching.

I am enjoying myself. It is such a manageable size for bus and train sewing.

Anyway, I want to record what I’ve used so far, so I don’t forget. Mostly, they are bits of old books, too small to use for anything else, but too precious to throw away.

1. The Rabbits’ Wedding by Garth Williams. Picture Lions, 1973. I love little daisies. Someone has decided that they are weeds. Some flowers are more equal than others.

2. Lindy and Bill, and a rabbit/hare from High On A Hill by Mabel O’Donnell and Rona Munro. Illustrations by Florence and Margaret Hoopes, and Christopher Sanders. Published by James Nisbet and Co., this edition 1966.

3. Some bloke in the crowd, from that wonderful Penguin golfing book, the inspiration for my nuts giveaway.

4. A Joyce Badrocke illustration. I harped on about Joyce endlessly, on my Facebook Page a few weeks back. Reminds me of my mam, back in the day. Everyone’s mam wore a scarf like that, or they did where I lived, anyway.

5. A scrap from that Albuquerque postcard book I bought on Ebay during my Breaking Bad obsession, still ongoing, by the way. Incidentally, the red square above the daisy is also a little nod to Breaking Bad.

To do the rest I need to hunt through sketchbooks for notes. A job for the weekend.

Have a good one,

Alison x

7 thoughts on “1. Ordnance Survey Sheet 99, Pembroke and Tenby, 1940

    • Thanks Tina.
      I’m working on some more masculine cards at the moment, but it’s going slowly as the kids are off school!
      Hope you have been enjoying the sun today.

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