I Thought I Was Cold, But My Boss Confirmed That I Was Wrong


It can get pretty draughty if you are positioned at one of the entrances to the gallery, where I work. Despite this, in six years, I have never once complained, until today.

Recently, the seat at the shop door has been moved to its ‘summer position’, four steps lower than the ‘winter position’,  the latter protecting the sitter from the winter winds.

We have had some beautiful sunny days here in London lately, but the mornings have been particularly chilly.

I was positioned in the new ‘summer position’, when the gallery opened this morning. It was like being in a wind tunnel. I radio-ed my boss to ask if it was okay to move the seat back to the ‘winter position’.

I thought that I was absolutely frozen to the bone. Luckily, my boss came to the shop door and confirmed that, in fact, I wasn’t cold after all, so no need to move the seat.

When I went for lunch, the person who took over from me thought she was cold, too. Fortunately, she wasn’t.

32 thoughts on “I Thought I Was Cold, But My Boss Confirmed That I Was Wrong

      • Unfortunately the law on temperature at work is rather woolly. The Workplace Regulations only require that a “reasonable” temperature is maintained – whatever that means. But it seems pretty clear that the temperature you were experiencing did not meet that definition. Such a loose requirement needs the employer to be “reasonable” too. Doesn’t sound that yours meets that definition.

      • Yes. The trouble is that none of the people who check this stuff are in on a weekend. I think my boss was trying to show me that he is more powerful that me. It’s nuts, I wasn’t trying to prove anything, I was just extremely cold. He should have needed no more information than that.

    • I can’t believe it. I go out of my way to be helpful to the visitors and I never complain about anything. I am not a trouble-maker at all. There is no way I would’ve asked to move the chair if I wasn’t genuinely freezing. Felt very undervalued. Some of my colleagues had asked to move the previous day too. Hope you’re having a very happy Easter x

      • I know you’re not a trouble-maker. You are too good at creating beauty for that, but there is a lot of bullying in workplaces. What would happen if you became sick because of that chill…

      • One of the people who was in that position did actually catch a chill. He is an older gentleman. He hasn’t said anything because they won’t believe him. They will think he is just saying it to cause trouble. They treat us the way some people treat children.

  1. Wishing you a much better week, Alison, and good luck. I’ve been having very big issues with management, but I won’t talk about them on my blog. I know too well what you mean by feeling undervalued. However, in a few days I finally have an interview for something good, in a completely different place! Happy Easter to you too.

  2. I’ve liked but I don’t like! I feel like complaining myself. How unreasonable. I’m thinking about karma but it doesn’t always work that quickly so you might spot me sneaking in this week to move your seat back to winter. Happy Easter x

    • Haha! I’m still pretty angry Richard. When you are on the ‘giving’ side you just keep giving. You don’t realise if you never ask for anything, that the ‘taking’ side won’t give back. I think it was a power thing.

  3. Unbelievable!!! Another reason I could never be employed. I would have walked out there and then:-) It has been rather chilly, especially in the morning. I would escalate it to a higher level but then don’t listen to me. As I said, I couldn’t be employed… Bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. There is something wonderfully illogical about it all…as if life has become a bad sit-com. Except that real people are the sufferers. I’m excited about the “plotting.” Let us know what happens!!

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