Map Collage 2


Map collage.

Ordnance Survey Sheet 99, Pembroke and Tenby, 1940. Parts 1 and 2.

I recorded numbers 1-5 here, and am now going to try to do some more.

6. 3a Things We Like, Ladybird Key Words Reading Scheme. Written by W. Murray and illustrated by John Berry, seen in my piece. The book was published in the 1960s, and was inscribed ‘Karen Mitchell’.

7. The Big Book of Saints, retold by Christine Chaundler. Published by A.R. Mowray and Co. Limited. First published in 1952, this edition in 1964. When I was a student, I had a Saturday Job working at Mowbray’s Bookshop. It was near Broadcasting House. I was lucky enough to be living near London Bridge at the time, so I used to walk there. After I left, the company was taken over by Dillon’s Books. Then Dillon’s disappeared, too. I went looking for the building recently, and found its latest incarnation to be a bra shop. That’s a picture of Saint Vincent (left), by the way. The one on the right is a child from the story. Saint Vincent, as well as other stuff, was sold as a slave and started children’s homes.

8. This square was taken from a  leaflet cataloging the wedding presents given to ‘Her Royal Highness The Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips’, on 14th November, 1973. It was published to accompany a display of said presents at St. James’s Palace. I bought it for the bargain price of 50p from a local charity shop, and it kept me entertained for ages. Everything was listed and displayed, no matter how ridiculous. Anonymous gave ‘toilet preparations’ (what?), Mrs F. Jenkins gave two pairs of nylon stockings, Mrs M.E. Coe gave picture postcards of San Diego, Mrs N. Cleary gave talcum powder, The Aga Khan gave a Telex cassette player, Mr and Mrs A. Hicks gave a milking stool. I could go on, as every single present is a gem, but there are 1,524 listings.

12 thoughts on “Map Collage 2

    • Yes, I love maps in the same way. Could inspect them for ages. Saw a great exhibition of maps at the British Library a few years back, lovely little medieval houses and big fish drawn in the sea. Exquisite.

  1. I so remember where you worked…. and Dillons and now it’s Bravissimo – a bra shop for the more fuller chest:-)) I would know..

    This is really a piece of Art. Love everything about it!!

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