Father’s Day Postcard, 203


This postcard is totally unique and extremely eco-friendly, since everything used in its making was destined for the bin.
It is not a print, it is a one-off piece of art, made with love and attention to detail.

The base of the postcard is an old cereal box, onto which I have sewn an old book and clothes. I never work with books which could otherwise be read, or clothes which could otherwise be worn. Nor do I remove the blemishes left by life. I like life’s blemishes.

You can see that there are plenty of blemishes on this book. It has certainly lived a life. It was a BP Road Atlas of Great Britain, but came to me in such a sorry state that I couldn’t retrieve any publishing details, therefore not give any credit. I would guess, it was published in the late Fifties or early Sixties.

The first D is made from a pair of pyjamas. My mam gives me pyjamas every Christmas, she gave me these circa 1989. They were from Marks and Spencer.

The A is from a shirt given to me, over ten years ago, by my friend Liz. It belonged to her husband, Dan, who supports Tottenham.

The final D comes from my husband’s old boxer shorts.

You can find it in my shop

Alison x

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