Map Collage 4


Ordnance Survey Sheet 99, Pembroke and Tenby, 1940. Parts 1 and 2.

11. Taken from ‘Talkabout Starting School’ by Margaret West and Ethel Wingfield. Illustrated by Harry Wingfield. Published by Ladybird in 1977.

12. Taken from ‘This Is The House Where Jack Lives’ by Joan Heilbroner. Pictures by Aliki. First published by Windmill Press in 1962, but this edition published in 1977.

13. These are the tiny scraps, which I never throw away, from some work I did last year.

You can find the notes for 1 – 5, here, 6 – 8, here , and 9 – 10 here

10 thoughts on “Map Collage 4

  1. So sad about Glasgow School of Art. Really, I don’t want to read the outcome of the damage review. Dreadful! To cheer me up I’ll read again about the details on your map. Have a great weekend too!

  2. Yes, they think they’ve stopped the fire destroying the building and a lot of the contents – heartbreaking for the degree students whose work will be ruined. Love this piece (as you know). Have a great weekend too!

  3. The fire made me weep a little. Will never forget standing in that library. A moment that I’ve always cherished! It was years ago. Wished I had blogged then and recorded it. Anyway, good news is that most of the building is intact and no one was hurt!

    What will happen when you finish this??? I think you might have withdrawal symptoms. Hope you had a good BH. x

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