June 2014 2


Full diary for June 2014 here.

4th June: Terminal 2   The first flight flew into the new Terminal 2 at Heathrow this morning. I got to thinking about the word ‘terminal’,  ‘A place where something ends’ (The Oxford Primary School Dictionary).

5th June: Gross   Was on the bus when I heard a woman talking about a gross miscarriage of justice. It stayed with me all day, the term is a strange one to get your head around. Is there a not-so-bad miscarriage of justice?

6th June: Price    D-Day. Seventy years ago. I cannot listen to the coverage without welling-up. To hear the veterans talk is heartbreaking. Many words continue to be said, but I find this one (said by a veteran on the BBC news this morning) particularly poignant.

You can see the whole piece here.

8 thoughts on “June 2014 2

  1. This is shaping up to be a very interesting poem (especially with the history of each word known). The veterans are incredible aren’t they? It was a very different world I think.

    • Yes, can’t imagine landing on those beaches. My daughter was paddling on the beaches of Normandy today, I doubt she was thinking about the past the way an adult would.

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  3. Price..yes, a lot of resonance to that word..very moving..the people and their stories were so humbling..

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