1. Napkin Diary For May 2014


I always carry a notebook around.

For years, I have had the intention of sewing a word each day, and recording the year in this way. A word that has some significance for each particular day.

The trouble is, sewing is not particularly instant. I have hundreds (not exaggerating) of notebooks, but nothing has been sewn. Plus, I always end up missing out a day here and there.

I was determined to achieve this goal in May. I intended to sew a new word each day, onto an old linen napkin, I had been saving for this purpose.

So, the ninth of May arrived, not one stitch. However, I had made notes, so vowed to keep it up for the whole month. And I did. At the end of the month I had thirty-one words waiting to be sewn.

Instead of doing that, though, I started on June’s words. I am actually keeping this up-to-date, you can see it here. I am on a roll and enjoying myself. There are little letters all over the house. I am on such a roll that I can’t stop, so I have started sewing May’s words.

This is what I have so far. You can see the finished piece here.


Bald 1st May

A little nod to the lovely Bob Hoskins who died last month. Read his obituary today. He said, “I’m a short, fat, middle-aged man with a broken nose and a bald head”.


Beg 2nd May

Jeremy Clarkson said this in order to gain our forgiveness. No Jeremy, you have not got mine. He said the N word, but it’s okay, because he just muttered it. Despicable.


Class 3rd May

In memory of John Westergaard, author of Class In A Capitalist Society, who died today.


See you tomorrow for a June napkin update,

Alison x

14 thoughts on “1. Napkin Diary For May 2014

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    • Thanks Tina. Feeling really pleased with myself because I’ve been wanting to do this for years. I’m finding it better doing the May one. I think because I already know the words, so can make them all fit together in a more pleasing way.

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