June 2014 4

Full diary for June 2014 here.

Brunch 8th June

Suggested by Rachel Witte, when I was travelling to work. Thanks to Cheryl, Judith, Sandra, Catherine and Uckfield Art Trail for the other suggestions, I liked them all. In the end though, I liked the punch that comes with brunch. It has impact, and I like the way it looks on the napkin. I also liked the idea of Rachel eating brunch at the time. It was a beautiful sunny morning, and I imagined her in a garden. I looked it up and brunch was first recorded in 1898, much earlier than I had expected.

Felfie 10th June

Apparently this has been added to the Collins English Dictionary. A photo of a farmer taken by himself/herself. The letters are cut from the W.H. Smith voucher below. It was shoved into my newspaper without me noticing.

Rape 11th June

There is a global summit in London at the moment hoping to raise awareness of wartime rape.

1.100 women are raped each month in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

50,000 women have been raped in Bosnia.

500,000 women were raped during the Rwandan Genocide.

Scooby Snack 12th June

Jamie Oliver said this on his ‘Money Saving Meals’. It made me laugh because my husband and I have been having a scooby-snack-argument  for about twenty years. We have been having this disagreement  for so long, that I can’t remember whether I’m in the ‘small biscuit’ corner, or the ‘very tall sandwich’ corner.

Skin 13th June

My daughter has been to France for a week, and was thoroughly exhausted when she got home this afternoon. (So far she has told us nothing of her adventure). We decided to have a cuddle and watch ‘A Bug’s Life’, which we hadn’t seen before. Anyway, the main bug had made a telescope, from a leaf and a droplet of water. “What’s that?” she says, meaning the water. When I answered her she couldn’t quite get her head around the fact that the water didn’t run everywhere. I was reminded of a brilliant clip I saw on QI, showing mosquitoes gracefully flicking raindrops out of their way in the air. I told her about this. She was utterly amazed. “So water has got a kind of skin?” She ran upstairs to impress her brother (as always) with this information. He already knew this and was not impressed (as always). Grandma rang to find out about France, but instead got a science lesson.





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