June 2014 5


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Fully French  14th June

My daughter returned from a school trip, to France, yesterday. She started to tell us a little about it today. Turns out that the hostel boss shares a name with her brother. She said she tried to tell him this interesting fact, but he had trouble understanding what she was saying, what with him being “Fully French”.

Little Bunny Picture  15th June

This is a tribute to Sam Kelly, who died yesterday. A nod to Bunny Warren, the character he played in Porridge. The bunny is taken from ‘The 1995 Monty Python Datebook’ (bought in a charity shop to add more years to my red shirt) published on recycled paper by The Ink Group. It does not credit an illustrator, but possibly Terry Gilliam is the artist.

A Picture Of Health  16th June

My husband always has the kitchen radio tuned to Radio 6 Music. I usually listen to Radio 4 (very disappointed it’s been removed from the iplayer, by the way), but if I am on kitchen-auto-pilot, I listen to 6 Music without realising. I was in this auto-pilot state this morning, when I heard the breakfast show presenter talking about Prince George having taken his first steps. He then went on to tell us about a photo of Kate and William at a polo match, he said they looked ‘a picture of health’.

Ashes   17th June

This is in response to an article I saw today on The News At One. For decades, staff at various crematoria across the UK have been scattering babies’ ashes without the parents’ knowledge. Over a thousand parents were not told of the existence of their babies’ remains.

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