June 2014 6



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Battle of Orgreave  18th June

Thirty years ago today. Miners’ Strike. Over five thousand pickets (not my dad) and the same of policemen, most of whom had no experience of dealing with an incident like this. Lots of horses and dogs. I was sixteen when I saw the news footage, but can remember it as if it was yesterday. There were no female officers and only a handful of female pickets. To mark the thirtieth anniversary of the Miners’ Strike, there have been lots of programmes on television and radio. I didn’t watch or listen to any of them. It is still too soon.

The Assassins’ Reunion  19th June

The Assassins is my husband’s band from school, the other half of which lives in L.A. The American fraction visited this week and they planned their come-back.

Frank Sinatra   20th June

Today a UK couple were found guilty of murdering their parents fifteen years ago. They had buried the bodies in the garden early on a Sunday morning, after watching The Eurovision Song Contest. They emptied the victims’ bank accounts and claimed pensions and assets, spending over a quarter of a million pounds on Frank Sinatra and Gary Cooper memorabilia. Frank’s picture is taken from ‘501 Must-See Movies’ published by Bounty Books. The film is ‘Pal Joey’, the cinematographer was Harold Lipstein.



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