10. June 2014



This is my June napkin almost complete. ‘National Treasure’ (as in Rolf Harris) was the last day of the month. I aim to fill in the gaps with other stuff that happened, but I did not include at the time. I will try to post explanations of the words next week. Meanwhile, you can see the ones I’ve done so far by clicking on ‘Napkin’, in the category cloud.

I am a bit pressed for time today. We are having building work done in August, due to finding loads of rotten floorboards (a twenty year leak we knew nothing about when we moved here, a few years ago) and asbestos. Anyway, we will be living in one room with a microwave, which we have yet to purchase. Meanwhile, I have to pack everything away, including the computer.

I have decided to close my shop for the whole of August, but will continue with my giveaway.

Have a great weekend,

Alison x

PS. WordPress seems to have changed. I have no idea how to preview this post before publishing, or how to add an image. I think I have added an image, but I can’t work out where it will be in the post. Or I may have added the same image fifty times, who knows! Also, I usually check my links are correct when I preview, but since I can’t preview… Anyway, I’m going to publish and find out.

5 minutes later: So neither of the links work and the image is tiny. Does anyone know how to preview posts in this new set-up?

13 thoughts on “10. June 2014

  1. I had the same problems as you this morning with my post. If you go into the Dashboard and create a new post from the Posts section then it is the old way of doing it. They are doing some test doodah at the moment to make it easier for mobile blogging, but seems to have forgotten all the actual useful stuff. Not sure if you can edit the post in the same way to get the photo how you want it, but if you wanted to you could always delete this post and repost it via the Dashboard method. I had to look it up on the forums before I was able to post mine properly!

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