15. June 2014


Royal Festival Hall   29th June

I pass this building every time I come into central London. I have lost count of how many times I have been inside. On the day I was married,  our extremely small wedding party ate there. The restaurant at the time was The People’s Palace, with Gary Rhodes in the driving seat.

I cut the picture from ‘Time Out’ magazine (2283). The illustration is by Anne Gerish and Thomas Havell.


If you have not been following my napkin work, and have no idea what I am talking about, then read on (if you have been following, then I am about to repeat myself) and I will explain. The idea, at first, was to sew a word onto an old napkin for each day of the month. A word with some relevance for that particular day. However, as usual, I didn’t stick to my own brief. ‘One word’ soon became ‘a few words’, or sometimes a picture. The aim is to end up with a memento of the month. If you look at the cloud to the right, or at the end of the post, and click on the ‘napkin’ heading, you will be able to view notes about the other words.

Have a good week,

Alison x

P.S. We are having building work done in August, due to finding loads of rotten floorboards (a twenty year leak we knew nothing about when we moved here, a few years ago) and asbestos. Anyway, we will be living in one room with a microwave, which we have yet to purchase. Meanwhile, I have to pack everything away, including the computer.

I have decided to close my shop for the whole of August, but will continue with my giveaway.

12 thoughts on “15. June 2014

  1. I went to the People’s Palace – what an amazing venue for your wedding party! At last I’ve been able to post, btw – have had the same problem you have with mobile comments!

    • Yes, I read your post on The People’s Palace. I attempted to tell you about my experience there in your comment box a few times, but it kept disappearing. Very annoying. I can’t remember whether I did not manage a comment or whether it was just a couple of words, in the end.

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