June 2014 19


Unless I am mistaken, which could well be the case, I only have a few more things on my June napkin to record.

You can see the whole piece here.

Blue Car. Taken from ‘How We Go’, published by J.M. Dent in 1975. The artists are Kailer and Lowndes

This is because I am 47 years old and have never owned a car. Ditto my husband, except he is 48.

My parents didn’t have a car, in fact nobody in my street did, so it’s not like I’ve grown up with anything other than public transport or Shanks’s pony.

One of the things I noticed when I moved to Bromley was the amount of eighty-somethings driving around the streets. This is a strange sight for me. You never see old people driving in my home town, because they couldn’t afford to learn to drive and buy a car when they were younger. Old people in my home town can’t drive, not one of them. Except maybe if they’ve moved there from another, more affluent, place, but that never happens.

The people who tell me I don’t need a car are always people who have one.

9 thoughts on “June 2014 19

  1. I sold my car a few years ago cos I got sick and tired of spending hours in traffic jams. In Brussels, they always manage to narrow the streets by giving lanes to everything else than cars; I think they do it on purpose to discourage driving but people still do, hence the jams.

    • I wouldn’t use it to go into town, either. I find it quite hard getting the kids where they need to be, in the pouring rain, with loads of bags. It takes us ages to get anywhere. There are worse things, of course.

  2. What makes you all of a sudden want a car?
    I know what you mean by the 80 somethings driving around the streets in Bromley:-)

    Hope building works etc going well. Hooray for shop opening and Wouser for the weekend off. Hope you’re making the most of it!!! x

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