June 2014 Diary

Mounted it onto a page from an old wallpaper sample book.

Explanations for each entry can be found in the links below.

I have also made napkins for October,  May and November, 2014.

Q     Victor Moses     Blue Car    Faces From The Great War    Hellish    Alison Sye June 2014  Cyclist     National Treasure, Peter and Jane, Pointing Finger     Festival Hall     Hack    Nurse     7-1     All Mess And N0 Eton     Ugly     Camp     Suzanne, SW19      Orgreave, Sinatra, Assassins   Fully French, Ashes, Rabbit, Picture Of Health     Brunch, Felfie, Rape, Scooby Snack, Skin   Crap Monday, Cataclysmic     Terminal 2, Gross, Price     Classy, Nutter, Luck



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