3. Napkin Diary For May 2014


You can see the finished piece, here.

Brewhaha  8th May

Great word. Can be spelled another way. Steve Coogan said it to Rob Brydon, in an episode of The Trip we were watching this evening.

Do-Da   10th May

Haven’t heard this in ages. My mam used to say it to replace ‘thingy’. I know it should probably have a ‘h’ on the end, but I asked Mam to write it down for me and this is what she wrote.

Anyway, whilst watching an episode of The Good Wife (another failed attempt to replace Breaking Bad, although enjoying) tonight, an English character used the term correctly. I’m going out on a limb here, but I bet this has never been said on an American programme before (Series 4, Episode 6).


6 thoughts on “3. Napkin Diary For May 2014

  1. “Do-Da! Brew Ha Ha!” is the song going around my head now 🙂 Your stitching is so incredibly neat, Im in envy.

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