4. Napkin Diary For May 2014


I am keeping an embroidered napkin journal for May 2014. You can see the finished piece, here.

This is what I have so far. The letters mainly come from the unwanted leaflets which land on our doormat.

Godzilla   9th May

Everywhere I went today I saw adverts for this film. What was Walter White thinking?

Beans on Toast   16th May

I had this for breakfast today, except mine had cheese on top. The picture came from a 1975 copy of  ‘Weight Watchers – A Way Of Life’. Published by Hamlyn. All of the photos are very gaudy. Fanny Craddock style. Brilliant. It does not credit the photographer.

Thrive   28th May

Maya Angelou died today, and I use this word as a tribute to her. “The excitement is not just to survive,” she said, ” but to thrive, and to thrive with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style.”

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