‘Twas Quite A Few Nights Before Christmas


Last week, I (and all the other sellers) got an email from the good folk at Folksy telling me to get my act together, Christmas-wise, only they said it in a more professional way.

Having removed the fifty-six shoe boxes I have squirreled around the house, I discovered these beautiful Gorsline illustrations, half-made.

The American Artist, Douglas Gorsline did the most beautiful illustrations to accompany the classic poem ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, by Clement Clarke Moore. This version was published by Random House in 1975. The quality of the print is exquisite (my phone pictures do no justice) and the paper is that lovely heavy matt I’m always ranting about. Surprisingly, the pages were stapled together, you can usually expect a bit of beautiful stitching with paper of this weight. Needless to say, the pages have all fallen out. Of course, the book was ripped and torn and in a general bad state of repair, otherwise I wouldn’t consider cutting it. Usual rules apply, I never cut up a book which could otherwise be read.

Instead of my usual food packaging, I’ve used some old Paperchase Christmas cards as a base. A friend gave me a couple of packs a few years ago, which she had bought in the sale. She decided not to use them because they seemed faulty, sort of a rubbery glue on the back, maybe a printing problem? Anyway, the glue came off easily with a razor blade. It’s good quality recycled card. There is a lovely little penguin on the back, but the designer is not given credit, so unfortunately I can’t name him or her.

So far I have made nine cards, there is scope for making more, but I might leave it until next year.

They are in my shop.










16 thoughts on “‘Twas Quite A Few Nights Before Christmas

  1. Marvelous work, Alison.
    I’m glad you clarified the time-line. For a minute there i thought you’d jumped on the “Christmas in [whatever month it happens to be]” band wagon. πŸ˜€

  2. The squared shape into which you cut those pictures is lovely. And I love the very fun and humble way you present the penguin to those who don’t know him and will never have a chance to know his creator πŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful work – sad about the book. Sadder still to think of winter , even in the guise of Christmas season. ;D ……………….. We have already had frost here and out west, Calgary had their first snow storm – that’s what they get for contributing to melting the polar icecap, an enhanced polar vortex.

      • This is a month early in terms of our weather. The early snowstorm in Calgary belongs in very late October or more likely November. The last few years seen erratic weather patterns, both in temperatures & precipitation. The local CBC radio show was just reporting that water levels are up in the rivers & lakes because of above average rainfall in August; the concern now is if we get another heavy long winter as we had last year, the ground will be over saturated for next Spring’s melt-off.. Just a couple of years ago we many in our area of Ontario were having Christmas with no or next to no snow.and the concern was about early forest fires in the Spring because of dry conditions. So the new pattern appears to be fluctuating extremes.

      • It’s terrible.
        There was a massive rally in London yesterday, about climate change. It was, of course, very peaceful. There was a very large turn-out with a few celebrities thrown in.
        They all gathered outside parliament. Don’t know whether the politicians listened.

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