Picasso’s Dog



We are still without a computer, I am blogging with difficulty from my phone. I apologise for the briefness and the rubbish photos.

I made this little piece in Barcelona last month, just adding the final touches in London.

On a visit to the Picasso Museum, those little dogs (at least, I think they are dogs) he painted, as part of  Las Meninas series, made me smile. I have seen reproductions of these paintings many times, but never really looked at the dogs properly. But in the flesh, the dogs were the first thing I noticed. I did lots of sketching in the museum, it was bliss.

I made most of this at the flat we were renting. When I started, I didn’t know it was going to end up with a dog (more like a fox, in this case) in the foreground. It just sort of evolved. There is another similar piece I am working on, but apart from that I will make no more like this. Although, I do plan to do a piece entitled ‘The Long-Legged Dogs of Barcelona’, inspired by an observation my daughter made. But it could be twenty years before that comes about.

As usual everything I used had been discarded.

The base of the picture was a postcard from Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona (CCCB), which I painted with green paint and then scratched with a chopstick (from Wok To Walk near Jaume 1). I have tried to take a photo of the postcard next to the finished piece, so you can see how I ended up with those particular shapes. The woman is the sky. Not sure who she is, does anyone know? She looks like Kim Novak.

The little houses were windows cut from one big building. I made a note of the leaflet, but I can’t find it. Hopefully, I will add this information at a later date.

The dog was drawn and painted on a leaflet, also from CCCB.

The houses are sewn with some pale yellow thread I bought in a charity shop in Barcelona. The dog is sewn with red thread from El Corte Ingles. I wouldn’t have bought this, if I had stumbled upon the charity shop first.

I am putting it into the Barcelona section of my shop.


This is the back, which I always prefer. You can’t see it now that I’ve mounted it onto fancy paper.


A section of Las Meninas, Conjunto (33). Pablo Picasso, Cannes, 1957. Museu Picasso, Barcelona. He would turn in his grave if he saw this photo!

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