Barcelona Patchwork 1



This is the first little section of my Barcelona patchwork. I intend to join together nine sections, eventually.

As usual, everything used was going to be discarded. Leaflets and maps, that you pick up on museum visits etc…

So far I have six sections, although most are not sewn yet. I put these sections together the night before we left Barcelona, staying up way too late. The intention was to sew them in London. I had no decent scissors, so the little squares are torn.

I can’t remember who did the central painting, I think it was Luis De Morales.

This morning, I emptied the last bit of sand from my bag, and changed my watch back to UK time. None of us wanted to come home.


The back. I can’t remember where this green leaflet came from. I think it was the Miro Foundation, but it could be MACBA.

11 thoughts on “Barcelona Patchwork 1

  1. A vacation from which you don’t want to return must be a good one! So glad you enjoyed yourself. Kudos on the patchwork and the posts. I can’t imagine doing a post via phone! Hugs and welcome home.

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