3. Barcelona Patchwork


Here is the third section of my Barcelona patchwork, another six still to finish.

As always, made from stuff I rescued from the bin.

Sorry this is short, I saw the ugly side of Facebook yesterday and it has upset me. I am putting my energy into making stuff, and keeping away from the internet.

Have a good week,

Alison x









6 thoughts on “3. Barcelona Patchwork

  1. Love your collages. It’s fun to see the actual piece of discard that you take your images from. Enjoy your day, and time away from the Internet is a good thing. We are bombarded with way too much information. 🌊

    • Neverendum :)))
      I have never really seen the horrible side before, you would think that you can take no notice, but I actually couldn’t get it out of my mind.
      All fine now though, had a few friends call me when they read my post – that was all it took for things to be ok again.
      Made me think about vulnerable teenagers getting abuse 😦

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