3. The Surprise Party by Pat Hutchins



Happy October!

I made these postcards some time ago, and either forgot to list them in my shop, or the listing expired and I forgot to renew. The business side of my operation is not my strong point. They don’t teach you to do impromptu giveaways at 8am on a Sunday at Harvard Business School.

So today, and possibly Friday, I am going to try to list some of the stuff sitting in shoe boxes under the bed. The three shown here are now in stock.

They are very, very, very eco-friendly, as everything used in their making was destined for the bin.

They are made from cereal boxes and an old copy of ‘The Surprise Party’ by Pat Hutchins. The book was published in 1972 (Penguin, in association with The Bodley Head), making the front these cards 41 years old. They are not reproductions, they are made from the actual book. I never cut up books which could still be read, this particular copy was rather moldy in places (none of this on the cards, though). I acquired it some years ago, and couldn’t bear to see it thrown away.

Pat Hutchins won a scholarship to Darlington School of Art (a few miles from my home town) in 1958. She has written and illustrated about 50 books, and given countless children lots of pleasure over the years. One of these children was me. I can remember the lovely Mrs. Yates reading this to my class when I was sixish. Mrs. Yates was a hippy, and I loved her. I was totally beguiled by the illustrations. Here was a person who had outlined her images in dark green, not black. Was that allowed? I think I can trace my colourful sewing outlines right back to Pat Hutchins, now I come to think about it.

I am now going to list some Drake Brookshaw number cards.

Alison x






8 thoughts on “3. The Surprise Party by Pat Hutchins

  1. Interesting story, thanks for sharing how the cards evolved. I still have some of my childhood books, still intact though. Have a great day. 🌻

  2. Oh! I used to love these too..the illustrations are just so comforting and kind of invigorating at the same time..

  3. I love these. I sent one with a duck from this series to my duck-loving friend for her birthday, two months ago, and she really liked it. I love to know where your colored sewing inspiration comes from too. Thank you for always giving the story that lays behind what you show us.

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