A Postcard I Made From Our 1980’s Christmas Tablecloth


When I was married, my mam gave me this tablecloth as a gift. It had been the tablecloth she brought out of the airing cupboard every Christmas. It was only ever used for that one meal. So, I’m guessing it had 16 airings.

Mam can’t remember when and where she bought it. It had a bit of a fifties vibe to it, so maybe it was passed down. She can’t remember any details. What she can remember, however, is me cutting a huge hole from the middle of it when I was about 17 (1984 – my Dad was on strike at the time, I’m using this as an excuse) to make myself a scarf-cum-bandanna to tie around my head. There was no print in the middle of the tablecloth,  just plain red – I was going for a kind of New Romantic look. After 1984 it was never used again, obviously. Mam was furious.

When I opened the gift I couldn’t believe it, because annoyingly Mam never keeps anything. She found it in my cupboard at home and thought it would give me a laugh. There it was, complete with hole and gravy stain (she makes the BEST gravy) on one of the candles.

In January 2013, I made six postcards with the candles on the cloth. I have two left.

I have just listed this one in my shop.

The usual rules apply. All of the materials had been discarded (the card is from food packaging), and I did not remove the blemishes left by life.

All of my work is individually numbered, this is 90.

See you tomorrow,

Alison x


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