Upside-Down Footballers Giveaway



On Saturday it was my husband’s birthday, and I was feverishly working away on the above gift.

Regular readers will know that we recently had a great holiday in Barcelona, and that I make art out of discarded materials. Hence, the gift.

In my rush to finish, I put a picture of New Camp (husband and son went to a match) upside-down. Didn’t Freud say there are no mistakes? He would have had a field day with this one. There are thirty-six squares on this piece, and yet, the only one I disrespect is the one which depicts the beautiful game.


The little squares have been hand sewn onto ‘Portrait of Jean Yves, a Man Looking Like Vincent Van Gogh’ by Gauthier Hubert. It was part of the annual Portrait Award at The National Portrait Gallery, London. I saw this poster in a ‘Please Take’ pile at work last week, it was beautifully creased and crumpled. The grey mount is the card that came with the frame.

Last Sunday morning, I was on my way to work when I decided to have a facebook giveaway. A ‘Spot My Mistake’ giveaway. Only a small, but select and very supportive, group of people visit my Facebook Page. I like it this way, I feel like I know everyone personally. Only two people gave the correct answer. Only two people entered. They are both lovely.

The giveaway was totally unplanned, so I didn’t have a prize in mind. I was sorting through a shoe box yesterday, and I found these postcards. Made in 2011 with the usual cereal boxes.  They are made from a 1958 Lion Annual, are numbered 603 – 608, and have arrived safely at the homes of Diane and Roberta.

Enjoy the weekend,

Alison x








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