4. Barcelona Patchwork


Today I met the lovely Gabriela Zea Nadal, from Barcelonogy. You know when you immediately like someone? Well that. The time just flew by, I could have chatted to her all afternoon. If you get a moment, check out her blog, this particular post is about my work…

I’m now onto section four (of nine) of my Barcelona patchwork.

Some of these squares are quite thick, and my fingers have taken a bit of a battering.

To recap, I am making an art piece by sewing together bits of discarded stuff I came across in Barcelona.

You can find out about the other sections by searching 610 in my archives.

Square A was taken from a leaflet I picked up at CaixaForum, which describes itself as a ‘social and cultural centre’. It was free entry, although there is a small fee for some exhibitions, and reminded me of my beloved Festival Hall. A massive space with lovely comfy seating and reliable toilets. In 1911 it was a textile factory, and has been impeccably restored. Well worth a visit. We saw two fantastic exhibitions, ‘Small Treasures of the Prado’ and ‘Sorolla – The Colours of The Sea’.

Square E was taken from a leaflet we were handed as we waited in the queue to get into La Sagrada Familia. This was the longest queue I have ever seen in my life. The leaflet pretty much told us what fools we were for not having booked online. It suggested we leave the line, go to a nearby cafe with free wifi (all marked on the leaflet) and do so. We didn’t do that, though. It was worth the wait.

It’s turned a bit chilly in London, might give my boots their first outing tomorrow (my parents are in Barcelona for a few days, no boots there!).

See you soon,

Alison x








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