8. Napkin Diary For May 2014


Hello yet again!

I have  made three napkins. One for May (this one), one for June (exhibited at The Mall Galleries, 14-23rd November, 2014), and one for October.

Even though I haven’t blogged about it much, I have actually finished my May napkin. I finished it towards the end of September. However, as usual, I am way behind with the recording of the piece. My apologies for the catch-up frenzy of posts.


14th May

220 school girls were abducted by Islamic militants last month.

Boko Haram fighters abducted the girls during a raid on their boarding school in Chibok.

They have still not returned home.


22nd May

Alan Davies, Wembley headteacher not comedian, has been stripped of the knighthood he received in 2000 for services to education.

He resigned from the £160,000 job in 2009.

He was found guilty of false accounting last year.

Davies paid himself, three staff members and two governors a total of £2.7m over several years through bonuses and salaries.


Have a good Sunday,

Suppose I should start getting my uniform ready,

Alison x

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