11. Napkin Diary For May 2014


Hello Everyone,

Remember the Blog Hop that I’ve been talking about? Well today, Juliet (the artist who nominated me), did her post  http://julietmacleod.com/2014/11/10/blog-hopping/ If you’re looking for something to read with your cuppa, check her out. I will do my post next week.

Back to my napkin…

27th May

Today I saw a man wearing a ‘Jesus Loves You’ T-shirt.

He was standing at the bottom of the slope at Waterloo East Station.

I had spotted him before my train had stopped, and I guess I was still looking at the slogan when I got off the train. He saw me staring, and shouted, “Yes, he loves you, Jesus picked you.” I smiled at him, but he scowled and headed off up the slope.

The back of his top read ‘But He Doesn’t Love Me’. It was hand-written in marker pen.

Alison x

PS. The picture of Jesus was taken from Pancakes and Painted Eggs by Jean Chapman. It is illustrated by Kilmeny Niland. I bought it in the ‘Worn-Out’ book section at Bromley Library.




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