May 2014 12

You can see the finished piece, here.

15th May

I was reading the obituary of Eli Woods today. He died on 1st May.

He was born near my home town and was the son of a steelworker.

He was a music hall comedian, and often played the stooge for his uncle, Jimmy James. They didn’t do traditional jokes, but were more surreal. An early Monty Python.

Their best known sketch In The Box  (he is the tall one in the deerstalker) was almost as famous in its day as Python’s Dead Parrot.

Turns out, adding a link from YouTube is just like adding any other link. Who knew?

The picture of John Cleese was taken from The 1995 Monty Python Datebook. It was published by The Ink Group. It does not say who took the photograph.

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