22. Napkin Diary For May 2014


I added this picture of a raspberry souffle (don’t know how to add the accent) because I like the way it looks, and it fits perfectly.

I have never made a souffle in my life.

The picture comes from Weight Watchers – A Way Of Life. It was published in 1975 by Hamlyn. The photograph was taken by John Lee.

I have  made three napkins. One for May (this one), one for June (exhibited at The Mall Galleries, 14-23rd November, 2014), and one for October.

I have actually finished my May napkin. I finished it towards the end of September. However, as usual, I am way behind with the recording of the piece. My apologies for the catch-up frenzy of posts, but I am extremely keen to start on my November napkin. I can’t start November until May is done and dusted, don’t know why, but I just can’t.

Alison x

PS. Don’t forget to check out Juliet’s blog hop post http://julietmacleod.com/2014/11/10/blog-hopping/ My turn next week.


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