Postman Pat Eco Christmas Cards



‘Tales From Postman Pat’ by John Cuncliffe, illustrated by Celia Berridge. W.H. Smith, 1986.

Years of teaching in a primary school has given me a decent knowledge of children’s literature, but I know nothing about Celia Berridge, the illustrator of the above card.

So, I searched the internet. Nothing, or very little information about her life. Plenty of books, she has written and illustrated, but not much about her as a person. Eventually, I found some details on a 1976 dust jacket. At the time she was living in Greenwich, London, with her husband and two children. She had been a teacher, and taught in primary schools in Deptford and Bermondsey.

John Cuncliffe, however, could be my specialist subject on Mastermind. My job here, though, is to give the illustrator credit. So please accept my apologies, Celia.

As to the history of this particular book…no idea where I acquired it.

I am making a determined attempt to get some of the ‘old stock’ from under my bed, and into the sale section of my shop. These are cards I made years ago, onto which my former contact details have been written.  Each will cost £3.50, less than half the price of my current cards. They are totally unique and come with a sewn upcycled envelope.

As usual, they are made from used food packaging and are super eco-friendly, as everything used was rescued from the bin.

The one below was sold yesterday (thanks Leah), and is on its way to France as we speak.












New Readers:

I like to make art from stuff nobody else wants. Stuff from the bin. Stuff with a secret history.

I absolutely never cut up books which could otherwise be read, or clothes which could otherwise be worn. Nor, do I erase the blemishes left by life. I cherish life’s blemishes.


4 thoughts on “Postman Pat Eco Christmas Cards

    • It’s quite a long story Alice, so I’ll try to keep it short. I stopped working briefly when my children were little. But when I was due to return I was suddenly very ill and couldn’t walk. I was in a wheelchair and then on crutches for ages. That was 8 years ago, and I’m still not back to normal, although you wouldn’t know from looking at me. I have trouble bending etc.. Being a primary school teacher is very physical so I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it properly. Then I saw the job at the gallery and went for that, I started the day my youngest child started school. I am back teaching again in my old school, but not full time, just when they need me. I don’t do PE and stuff like I used to, I just do maths and english with children who are struggling. My youngest has just started secondary school, so I think I might return properly soon 🙂

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