14. Napkin Diary For November 2014


Wednesday, 12th November

Today, the first ever spacecraft to land on the surface of a speeding comet, landed on a speeding comet.

This spacecraft, Rosetta, has traveled a mind-blowing six billion kilometres.

It took ten years for Rosetta to reach the comet (not to mention ten years to build her), and then send a tiny lander craft, called Philae, down to the comet.

Somehow, we received images of this!

The letters were cut from an advert in Time Out.

Changing the subject completely, my two talented blog hop nominees have now hopped!

You can check out Richard, here, and Giova, here.





New Readers:

I like to make art from stuff nobody else wants. Stuff from the bin. Stuff with a secret history.

I absolutely never cut up books which could otherwise be read, or clothes which could otherwise be worn. Nor, do I erase the blemishes left by life. I cherish life’s blemishes.

A few years back, I bought six vintage linen napkins in a charity shop, for the meagre sum of two pounds. So far, I have turned three of my napkins into sewn diaries, using fast food leaflets, old magazines and books.

Each of my napkins represents a month, with a different entry for each day. For example, the day Lynda Bellingham died, I added the Oxo box from my kitchen cupboard.

November is my fourth napkin this year, the others are June , May and October. Some of them can be found in my shop.

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