Eco-Friendly New Baby Postcard





Well, since I’ve already listed a card made two years ago, I may as well do another one.

Those of you who have been with me from the start, know that my first post was about the wonderful Birds by Brian Wildmith, 1969.

Well, I am finally getting around to listing more of the cards, made from said book (and some cereal boxes), in my shop.

I thought it would make a good New Baby card.

This card is unique, there is no other the same. It is a one-off.

It is not a print, it is made from the actual book, which is 44 years old.

Brian Wildsmith is a hero of mine. He was born in 1930 and grew up in a small mining village in the north of England. Being a miner’s daughter from the north myself, I need no more than this to like him. However, there is a lot more to like, not least his wonderful children’s books.

It is completely upcycled, and very eco-friendly, as everything used in its making was destined for the bin.

I absolutely never cut up healthy books, nor do I clean up any blemishes left by life. Kind friends save food packaging for me, and the books I use have been ‘retired’ from local schools and libraries, after years of loyal service.

All of my work is numbered, this is 52.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,


Oh, and I will be having a Valentine giveaway on 14th Jan (yes, Jan).

8 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly New Baby Postcard

  1. I love this series of illustrations: thanx for bringing them back on stage! I also love your new set of “Love you cards”: they look very “pop artish”!

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