15. Punkish ‘Love You’ Cards



These are Valentine cards I made last year, and then kept in a shoe box under my bed.

During the next few days I am going to try to record them here.

They will not be for sale in my shop.

All the envelopes are made from a 1940 Ordnance Survey map of Anglesey. It was ruined already before I started cutting it.  Actually, it’s more of a wallet than an envelope. I wouldn’t recommend putting it in the post, what with it being 75 years old.

The letters were cut from junk mail.

As usual, I have made no attempt to erase the blemishes left by life.



365. Above. Portloe, Cornwall. Published by John Hinde.





367. Above. Jubilee Clock and Esplanade, Weymouth. W0624. Dennis Reproductions.



360. Above. Yachts on the beach, Walmer. Printed in Great Britain, but the card doesn’t give any more details other than a serial number, PT4658.

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