Thank You



Thank you Jenni, Francoise, Leah, Peter, Janet, Jenny, Lucy, Georgina, Alison, Claudia, Siobhan, Sally, Richard, Carol, Caroline, Diane, Nicky, Claire, Suzanne, Tina, Maureen, Cath and Jane.

If you are one of the 23 people who bought my stuff in 2014, thank you. You are small in number, but you keep coming back, and I feel I know you all personally. Not only do you part with your hard-earned cash, such an ego boost, you support me social-media-wise, also. Some of you even post me things which you think I might be able to use in my work. I just want to show my appreciation.

Those of you who bought from me in 2013, know that last year I sent out some complimentary Christmas postcards, made from the previous year’s wrapping paper and some cereal boxes. I intended to do the same this year, but life got in the way.

On Wednesday, I sent each of you a card, which could be used for Valentine’s Day, or not, whatever you want.

Most of you will be receiving one of the cards below. Four of you will get Monopoly cards. I didn’t quite have enough of the ones below.

As usual, the packaging has been sewn from old magazines.

Hope you like them,

Alison x

P.S. Don’t let this stop you entering my current giveaway!





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