Vintage Ambleside Valentine Card




I put this little card in my shop yesterday morning, and it sold the same day.

It is now on its way to Sharon in Las Vegas. Thank you, Sharon.

I made it from a vintage postcard of Ambleside (c1970) and some letters I cut from old magazines and junk mail.

Once again, I used the Grayson Perry and Mall Galleries leaflets. The ‘V’ came from a John Lewis brochure, and I think the ‘You’ is from a mattress advert.

It is a Colourmaster International postcard, Photo Precision Limited, St. Ives, Huntingdon.

If you haven’t been to Ambleside, you are missing a treat. It is very picturesque. Although, I reckon I haven’t been there for about twenty years. I hope it hasn’t changed much.

There was a detention camp at Ambleside. Kurt Schwitters, one of my favourite artists, lived there after moving to England to escape the Nazis. In 1948, he was granted British citizenship. He died the following day. He was buried at St. Mary’s Church in Ambleside, until 1970, when he was reburied in Hanover. The stone remains as a memorial at Ambleside, though. Don’t know if you saw his exhibion in 2013, it was brilliant. I am proud to say it was at Tate Britain, and not Tate Modern. Quite right.

All of my work is individually numbered, this is 618.

Have a great weekend,

Alison x














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