Vintage London Valentine’s Day Card



I made this little card from a vintage postcard of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London (c1970) and some letters I cut from old magazines and junk mail.

It is very eco-friendly and totally unique.

It comes with a sewn upcycled envelope.

I have listed it in the ‘Valentine’ section of my shop, but it could be used for other occasions.

The card is the actual postcard, and the letters are actually cut from magazines. I have not made a single card and then printed it fifty times. I do not print stuff. I use stuff that someone else has printed and then discarded. This card is a one-off.

The letters are attached to a summer leaflet from The National Portrait Gallery.

The ‘V’ is cut from the below article in Completely London, Issue 16. The ‘O’ came from the same magazine and was part of an illustration by Harry Malt/ Debut Art.

All of my work is individually numbered, this is 617.

It is a Colourmaster International postcard, Photo Precision Limited, St. Ives, Huntingdon.

















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