November 2014 27


Friday, 28th November

Paddington is everywhere. You turn on the telly, there he is. You open a newspaper or magazine, there he is. And today, a bus went by with a giant Paddington on the side.

I do adore him, though. Michael Bond is a lovely writer, and has given my daughter and I lots of pleasure. You can’t help but like Paddington. He is so proper and decent, and gentle.

Not forgetting those delicious Ivor Wood cartoons from the Eighties. Loved those. Brilliant cardboard cutouts, stiffly moving around to the tunes of Herbert Chappell.

Anyway, if you don’t know, when Paddington arrives here, from  darkest Peru, he has a label around his neck saying, ‘Please look after this bear, thank you.’ I cut the words from ‘Time Out’.

You can see the whole napkin, here.



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