Mostly Uninvited 27




This is Mark Serwotka (photograph by Karen Robinson), General Secretary of the PCS union. I am a member of this union, and with membership comes the posted magazine, PCS People. The picture of Mr. Serwotka was taken from this magazine (Issue 6, 2014), so not strictly uninvited. Therefore, I am changing my ‘working title’ to Mostly Uninvited. It will have to do, until I come up with something better.


If You Are New Here: This project involves me sewing faces, from the obscene amount of junk mail that finds its way into my house, onto a big woollen blanket. ‘Uninvited’ is a working title. Unless I tell you otherwise, take it that the junk mail was pushed through my letterbox. Or else it was inside of a newspaper. I will always give credit to artists and photographers, whenever possible. All of my work is numbered, this is 632. If you search this number in ‘Categories’, you can find out about the other faces.






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