Mostly Uninvited 44


Donna Hardie, editor of Completely London magazine. Photograph by Paul Mitchell, I think. (Sorry I gave your beautiful hair a trim, Donna).

Completely London WAS (not now, 6.12.17) a superb free magazine from Kinleigh, Folkard and Hayward (estate agents, if you didn’t know). Its main aim is probably to sell houses, but it doesn’t seem that way. The articles are worthy of any fancy-pants expensive magazine, and the photography is second to none. They always credit their artists and photographers. We bought and sold our house with KFH, so I probably signed-up for this without even knowing. I would’ve cancelled it ages ago, if it wasn’t for the fact that I look forward to reading it. It has integrity, a word not normally said in relation to anything connected to estate agents. I am not vouching for KFH, by the way, just the magazine crew.



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