Mostly Uninvited 94 and 95


Punch and Judy, on the arms of Lesley Butler, from Puppet Planet. Photograph by *Joe Giacomet. Taken from Completely London, Issue 10, Autumn 2012.

* Joe sent me a thank you message today (28.5.15), a lovely thing to do.




2 thoughts on “Mostly Uninvited 94 and 95

  1. Fascinating multimedia project. A very intriguing approach to reclaim material and cultural expression – Mass Media consumes other Mass Media, incorporating the medium & the medium’s content into itself. Well done.

    I have done some digital pieces combining strips of junk mail that I call Textures Text; Junk-mail abstracts. I’ve been considering blending it with a more collage approach. The junk mail I’ve use is unattributed except for the marketing of product & services.
    Have you visited Ben Stainton’s hello, fig blog . It is features tremendous hand made collage pieces by himself & recently few guest artists.

    • Thanks for your kind comment and for taking the time to write it. Yes, I follow Hello Fig, although I have memory problems and can’t remember the work you describe. I am rushing off to catch a train to work now but will try to take a look at both your blog and his later. Happy Sunday 🙂

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