Two Eco-Friendly Dog Postcards



Two eco-friendly ‘Dog’ postcards can now be found in the ‘Sale’ section of my Folksy shop, priced at £4 each.

Each one is a unique, one-off piece. They are originals, not prints.

As always, they are sewn from stuff I rescued from the bin; used cereal boxes, my daughter’s worn-out clothes and books. I never cut up books which could otherwise be read, or clothes which could otherwise be worn.

They were made a couple of years ago, at a time of experimentation, and are not nearly so slick as my current work, hence the price. Also, in those days, I did not keep such detailed records of my materials. However, I did not make them to sit under our bed in a shoe-box.

They are blank postcards, and can be used for any occasion which suits you.

They are bigger than regular postcards.


709. Background made from James And The Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.


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