1. Lucy And Nev’s Wedding


Yesterday, was a lovely day.

HouseElf2 and I went to see Wicked, at the Apollo Theatre in London, as part of Kids Week. We both had unobscured views and enjoyed every witchy minute. For the rest of the day we pretended we were in a musical and sang everything we wanted to say. Well I did, anyway.

Before this, though, we went to Crumbs and Doilies in Kingly Court. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that my daughter is a baking enthusiast. She has been asking to go to this particular cake shop for at least a year. It is owned by Cupcake Jemma, my daughter’s guru. Jemma is an internet sensation. She posts baking videos every Thursday. Our week revolves around this. Only recently did I actually take a look at Jemma, and she is a great role model. An intelligent business woman who does not bake in a bikini. I had a coffee and a boogie with the lovely girls behind the counter. My embarrassed companion  ate delicious cake and read her new cookery book.

Before all of this, though, we went to the large Post Office just off Trafalgar Square (thank you to the very patient Jayesh, for excellent service), to post a recently finished commission. Twenty wedding invitations for Lucy and Nev, who will be getting married in New York next year. I have never met the couple, but Lucy has been buying my work for a couple of years. She takes time for the little things. The things most people don’t notice. She works hard and well.  She is very active on social media. I have never heard her complain or whinge, or bad-mouth anyone. It is not an act. She wanted to pay me before I had even started on the commission.

I rarely do commissions. Partly because I like to have total control over my work. Partly because time and space are limited, and I want to fill them with my own ideas. I said yes because I really like Lucy, and I would like to live in a world where being a good guy pays off. That said, I have thoroughly enjoyed doing these cards and might do more wedding invitations. Perhaps next year. I need a proper place to work. Actually, that is not what I need, I can work anywhere. What I need is a place to store (and easily find) my materials.

The invitations are made from a load of old stuff that Nev sent, accidentally incorporating their current calendar. Enclosed in the package were some of Lucy’s grandparents’ anniversary cards. They had been treasured by Lucy’s mum, who wasn’t sure about handing them over to me.

The brief was pretty basic. My kind of brief. They like the work of Jamie Reid and they wanted the words ‘Ever Fallen in Love? to be included. One of my favourite songs. Legend has it, in 1977 Buzzcocks were watching Guys and Dolls on TV, in a guesthouse in Edinburgh. “Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have?” is a line from the film. The following day, Pete Shelley wrote the rest of the lyrics in a van outside the Post Office.

In due course I will be blogging, about the making of each card, so the guests can see the materials used. I am working on another deadline for October, so the posts may have to wait until after then. In the meantime, next week I will post a few pictures on the beast that is Facebook.

All have been individually numbered.

Have a great weekend,

Alison x


The envelopes were recycled from old calendars and leaflets collected by Lucy and Nev.



The square paper was written by Lucy and Nev, and given to me to post to guests with the card. The smaller slip was an afterthought, when they decided they couldn’t give the cards away after all, and wanted to keep them instead!



The image of Liberty was taken from Lucy and Nev’s calendar (Cavalli & Co.) and the letters were mostly taken from the given leaflets and stuff.



I had to turn the original anniversary cards upside-down as I couldn’t bring myself to cover the words. The wedding details on the right were also sent to me by Lucy and Nev. I am not showing this for obvious reasons, but each was hand-stitched to the card just like the front image.

27 thoughts on “1. Lucy And Nev’s Wedding

  1. What a fantastic commission and from someone you really like and respect. I LOVE what you’ve done and as one of your biggest fan I think Lucy has the best invites EVER.
    Can’t wait to read about the making of these…. and I love your little anecdotes about your day out with HouseElf2 xx

  2. How special! I can well understand why they want the cards returned to them and I can see what a wonderful keepsake of their wedding they will be. I think you might end up getting a lot of these commissions as you’ve done such a wonderful job.

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