Mostly Uninvited 385, 386 and 387


Jo Hunt and Linda Smither (and Alexi Duggins, again), who were famous for 32 seconds. Taken from Time Out (2325), April 21-27, 2015. Picked up on the train home from work. Photographer: Dave Tett. Not including the lady with the larger head.


2 thoughts on “Mostly Uninvited 385, 386 and 387

  1. You know, these ladies and their quest captured my interest in their 32 seconds of fame as it applied to me, and so I subscribed to their blog. Sounds interesting and the kind of thing that appeals to me as an armchair traveler. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this during the winter, to replace the Sunshine Project and get me through the worst time of year for me. I’m re-inspired now.!

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