No Roof


Two years ago we planned to get a new roof on our garage. It was leaking left, right and centre. So much so that we had to cut off the electricity. Everything from the garage (bikes etc..) was moved to the house, and is still here.

A couple of weeks before the work was due to begin, the builder said he couldn’t do the work after all. He could do it the following year. The main reason we took on this particular builder (we had three quotes and he wasn’t the cheapest) was that he assured us he could do it when he said he could do it. Goodbye to that builder.

Thanks to a friend we managed to find another builder, Tony. We had to wait quite a while as he is popular. I like Tony. Turns out the garage roof is mainly asbestos. The team from Breaking Bad have removed it. Turns out the garage has no foundations. It was constructed illegally by a previous tenant. Tony cannot put a new roof on a building without foundations. It’s going to be a big job.


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