Another Mostly Uninvited Interlude


In May I went to see Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty at the V&A, London. It was brilliant.

Whilst in the exhibition I dropped my Oyster card, but didn’t realise until I got on the bus outside of the museum.

I went back and retraced my steps. Nothing.

I asked at the Information Desk if it had been handed in. It hadn’t. I had a cup of tea, then asked again. No.

The lovely man at the desk wrote the lost property number on a booklet, and told me to call the following day.

That booklet is the reason for this post. The latest additions to my blanket started life there. Posts to follow.

I now have a new Oyster card thanks to the excellent service provided by Senay Tesfaalem at Transport For London Customer Services.


8 thoughts on “Another Mostly Uninvited Interlude

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